Minecraft parkour servers

Minecraft parkour is one of the innovative ways of playing the game. Without focusing on beating the enemies of trying to find those ever elusive diamonds, parkour servers focus on letting their players run their courses, timing themselves and their rivals, going for the fastest time. There are plenty of different servers which offer quite a different slew of runs for their players, letting them test their mettle. The most popular ones even offer prizes for the fastest times on their courses and are hosting monthly competitions.

Most of the best players obviously don’t want to play on a highly popular server while they’re practicing their runs, since that would obviously give up their strategy for making in through the course. There are also players who are so adept at the game mode, that they simply don’t care if others see how they do it, because they are simply so much better than them that even if they knew how to execute the maneuvers they wont be able to. The whole scene has a lot of pride in themselves, making their records and more importantly keeping them a point of pride.

The easiest courses can be made by most people, but the finesse comes in shaving of corners and making the optimal pathing through the course, while the more advanced courses often include traps and even monsters, making it more difficult for newer players to even finish the map, much less with a competitive time. With the cash and prizes involved there is certainly every incentive to keep your tricks to yourself, however quite a few of the better players help newer players to keep the playing field a bit more level, so more people get into it and bring with them a new a different perspective on the runs. You never know, it just might be you, that breaks that next hardest course by seeing something others don’t.