Best Pixelmon servers

01. 31. 2023

Best Pixelmon servers

Pixelmon is one of the premiere Minecraft modpacks. The mod is based on the ever popular Pokemon game series. It basically replaces the random animals wandering the world of Minecraft into Pokemons, letting players catch and battle with them. It also adds gyms to Minecraft generated villages as well as pokemon centers and shops letting players get their pokemon healed. These are my favorite Pixelmon servers.

This server has pretty much remade the classic Ruby/Saphire and Gold/silver storylines into their game modes. Their server feature beautiful handcrafted cities that seem to come straight out of the Pokemon games. Their huge and well maintained game world is obviously one of the main draws, however this server is also perfect for playing with your friends, exploring it and finding it's secrets.

Pixelmon Realms
Developers of this server have focused primarily on adapting Ruby and Saphire pokemon games. While their community might not be as large as some of the other servers on this list, this also makes them perfect if you're starting out and want to learn about this fun game mode. Their realm also interweaves the survival mode with Pixelmon, letting you get the best of both.

While other servers might be trying to recreate Nintendos previous games in minecraft, this server takes it in a whole new direction. They pretty much created their own regions, letting you experience a new kind of Pokemon and Minecraft blend. They also have a huge number of Pokemon to catch and play with while also seamlessly merging the Pokemon and Minecraft experience. Definetly a unique kind of a server and more than worth checking out.

While other servers might offer Pixelmon as one of their game modes, while still offering others to cater to a wider swath of players, this server went all in on Pixelmon. Fittingly they offer two worlds to choose from, the Red and the Blue one. While their community might not be as large as some of the others, their staff are tirelessly working to make sure you can experience their creation in all its glory. A really fun server that makes it hard to remember that you're actually playing Minecraft.

These are some of my favorite Pixelmon servers. This game mode has really taken over my life as of lately and I've been having tons of fun with it. If you want to find a different server, I can point you over to these Pixelmon servers.