Minecraft stuff

12. 24. 2022

Minecraft stuff

Minecraft thunderstorm

So the context for this question is that I'm making a fantasy (hopefully) survival world, and to add to the ambiance (and fun) I want the world to be constantly night, as well as being eternally in a lightning storm.

These were both pretty simple tasks, but when I put them both on, I was struck (pun absolutely intended) by the relative lack of thunderbolts that were appearing. Is there any way to increase the chance from 1⁄100,000 to, say, 1⁄100,0?

Spawn chunk range?

So, when I calculated my maps spawn chunks I was getting a 10 chunks range from the spawn location in each direction rather than the 6 mentioned in many videos and sources in Minecraft.

I used a light sensor, hopper and chest to test redstone signals. After a short amount of night anywhere else when I return to the spawn during the day through a nether portal any chests that had items moved to them were getting a redstone signal at night and thus in the spawn chunks.

Lost Minecraft stuff… again

I was playing Minecraft on online servers and I installed some modpacks and started playing around with that. I came across huge Bamboo farm and near it there was a nether portal. Naturally I went it in…

Turns out that was really bad idea, as soon as I came in I saw a bunch of mad pigmans which started attacking me. I was unable to escape even with /back command so I tried to fight them off, but there were just too many.

After dying I was thinking, this would have been a lot easier if I only store my stuff in chest before going in random nether portals – so that's how I learned that. Sad day.