Fantastic Minecraft servers?

Minecraft game is one particular game that is worldwide famous, A lot of fans available in all the countries; just want to play the game in multiplayer mode. And you play the Minecraft game in a multiplayer mode; you need to learn some basics, which is essential to manage and make the right server for the Minecraft game. Developers of the game best to give numerous types of features in the Minecraft. You can play this game in a single-player mode or a multiplayer, depends upon your liking not playing the game. If you want to play the game in multiplayer mode, then just read all the following lines given below to get decent knowledge about the meeting of secure server in the game.

  • The very first thing which you need to understand is to manage the server in the main menu of the game. Visit the main menu of the game and find the ad server option, this which helps you to add more and more server in the game.
  • After hitting the option again, you also need to search for some websites which help Gamers to make the entire secure server for the Minecraft game. However, the services of the websites postulated for the making of a secure server. What professional help always good for multiplayer gaming in the Minecraft game. Paying little for the company service still provides ample support in making the right server for the game.
  • Developing a theme is also necessary to make useful services for online gaming in the Minecraft game. To establish those things which will suit everyone’s interest hand playing nature of the gamers, access all the gaming websites offer excellent service for the making of good looking themes. Hire only those services which will provide you with all the modern features of making the online server for the multiplayer giving in the Minecraft game.
  • Also, try to make the spawn area very attractive, this will help you to get more responses on the internet. The Gamers will love to access your server to play the game in a multiplayer mode. Use the internet help to make the spawn area very attractive. So it is quite better to have only those companies which are you to make my own, just neglected all the service companies who are not ready to give you all the help in making the spawn area attractive and beautiful.
  • Plugins and software are essential to make a comfortable insecure server for the game. Access all the websites which offer helpful software to handle and manage the servers in the Minecraft game. Plugins are always useful to get all the decent security on the server, which you make only to get fun and entertainment.


Finally, I can see that all the words are given in the article sufficient to provide all the help with you always desire to make the secure server to play the Minecraft game in a multiplayer mode. Just follow all the words given in the article to get all the decent help in making the right server.

Minecraft thunderstorm

So the context for this question is that I’m making a fantasy (hopefully) survival world, and to add to the ambiance (and fun) I want the world to be constantly night, as well as being eternally in a lightning storm.

These were both pretty simple tasks, but when I put them both on, I was struck (pun absolutely intended) by the relative lack of thunderbolts that were appearing. Is there any way to increase the chance from 1⁄100,000 to, say, 1⁄100,0?

Spawn chunk range?

So, when I calculated my maps spawn chunks I was getting a 10 chunks range from the spawn location in each direction rather than the 6 mentioned in many videos and sources in Minecraft.

I used a light sensor, hopper and chest to test redstone signals. After a short amount of night anywhere else when I return to the spawn during the day through a nether portal any chests that had items moved to them were getting a redstone signal at night and thus in the spawn chunks.

Lost Minecraft stuff… again

I was playing Minecraft on online servers and I installed some modpacks and started playing around with that. I came across huge Bamboo farm and near it there was a nether portal. Naturally I went it in…

Turns out that was really bad idea, as soon as I came in I saw a bunch of mad pigmans which started attacking me. I was unable to escape even with /back command so I tried to fight them off, but there were just too many.

After dying I was thinking, this would have been a lot easier if I only store my stuff in chest before going in random nether portals – so that’s how I learned that. Sad day.

Enderman Farm not working

I’ve just created an enderman farm on my survival world (realms, xbox one). The problem is that it isn’t producing enderman at the rate that its supposed to. It will fill up with about 4 to 7 endermen at a time, but after I kill these endermen it will take a few minutes (forever) before they respawn and come back.

A few things to consider here…

  • I am more than 200 blocks away from the main island where the farm is
  • I used the gnembon design and followed a video made by pixelriffs
  • I am on Y=1, meaning blocks are on Y=0 and my Y reads 1 when I am standing on it
  • I have already removed all torches
  • The player platform is at X=34 and the spawning platform is X=61 so I believe that I am far enough away.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated as I don’t know what to do anymore. I can try to take screenshots if that would help, but as its on xbox they might not be the best quality.

Torches not giving off light!?

I’ve been playing on a Minecraft Realms with some friends for about a month now but lately some of the older torches that we have places are not giving off ight like they used to.

Does anyone know why?

If they are destroyed and replaced they’re fine and any new ones placed work well, but the ones that have been there don’t give off enough light to span areas lager than the block it’s placed on.

Is that a chunk loading error? Should I wait for new patch?

Just a noob question!

Hello minecrafters! As silly as it sounds I am new to this game. Started playing vanilla Minecraft 1.14(Java) and I am wondering is it still possible to get a Mending book from fishing? I have lure III luck of the sea III unbreaking III and mending fishing rod… left it working over night but nothing… did they take it out or is it just very rare?

Yes, it can take a while. Just let it run again over night and eventually you will get a mending book.

To my knowledge it’s just really rare. I got one once but it took like 8 hours.

Question about Guardians

Does anyone know if elder guardians respawn if you turn on peaceful then turn it off? i just wanna make it easier to find the sponges without having to kill a ton of guardians and the elder ones and i know elder guardians don’t respawn after you kill them. i just want to eventually kill the elder guardians, not initially.

If you are in peaceful and load the chunks where an ocean monument is the elder guardians are gone forever from that ocean monument. They don’t respawn or come back if you change your difficulty. This is how Minecraft works.