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Category: Promotion

SLOTVIP promotion is not only a method to attract gamers to the playground but also helps optimize member benefits. Players always have the opportunity to enjoy special offers from the house through many special events and clear terms and conditions. The following article is a summary of explosive promotions and ways to participate for readers to refer to.

What are the SLOTVIP promotion rules and conditions?
Bookmaker SLOTVIP implements rules and terms to create a healthy and quality gaming environment for both players and bookmakers. This helps avoid disputes and fraud when receiving rewards. To better understand this regulation, you can refer to the following rules and conditions.

Each member can only apply the promotion once during the event period.
Players are only allowed to use one account, one IP address, and personal information must match the owner’s bank information.
The house’s promotional programs support entertainment activities, and the house will proactively deploy and end the program.
In case of detection of fraud, the house will confiscate all bonuses and may even lock the betting account without explaining the reason.
Fraudulent acts are strictly prohibited, including opposing bets, betting on titles not included in the offer list, sharing betting accounts.
Player bonuses and winnings cannot be transferred to another account and are considered invalid according to the house’s regulations.